Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hard to believe . . .

It's still January.

I went for a quick walk around the block yesterday, and found the big red alder next door loaded with catkins.

The long catkins are the male flowers. The buds along the branches will be leaves and female cones.

I took almost the same photo of this tree back in 2007.

The earliest photos I have of these catkins are from the end of February. We found more in 2013, on Crescent Beach, in March. None from January.

And the Oregon grapes are budding!

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Fred Schueler said...

...and here in the Ottawa area, we've got the coldest winter since 1979-1980, and -16C feels warm.

Susannah Anderson said...

And up north of here, in Bella Coola, where a -16C January would be mild, it's now getting rain.

Nothing makes sense any more.