My "Must not miss" carnivals, with current dates and deadlines. (Alphabetical list)

An Inordinate Fondness (Beetles)
This carnival has been discontinued. Links to past issues are here.

Circus of the Spineless (COTS)
Current: 67th Circus of the spineless at Deep Sea News
Next:  Dave Hubble’s Ecology Spot.
Send submissions to dshubble at yahoo dot com by December 4th!

International Rock Flipping Day
2010: September 10 Mongoose Poop? IRFD 2010
2011: September 11, 2011 We haz critters!
2012: Anyone interested in hosting?

I and the Bird
Unfortunately, this long-running carnival has been discontinued. Links to previous posts can be found here.

SkyWatch Friday
Every Friday.

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